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across churches and denominations that have the same heart for revival.


a people who intercede and declare the heart of the Father on earth as it is in heaven.


a people who intercede and declare the heart of the Father on earth as it is in heaven.


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our Goal.

Our mission to carry Revival Legacy to the next generation and beyond.

Our mission is to carry the revival legacy to the next generation through:

  • Once a year gathering in the month of October

  • Once a month prayer meetings

our Desire.

  • To see every tribe come into the fulfilment of their tribal identity.

  • To partner and come into unity with the global body of Christ to fulfil the end time call unto the nations.

  • To see every generation to be set apart and consecrated in holiness unto Lord.

  • To raise up the next generation revivalists who would go unto the nations to preach the Kingdom of God and transform communities through the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • To come into alignment with the prophecies of sending forth missionaries into the harvest field and even unto the middle east for the Isaiah 19 highway.

What Tribal Gathering is unto:

the Logo.

3D Logo_b&w.png

 The Borneo Atlas 

  • Borneo consist of 3 countries: Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.

  • Representing ethnic tribal communities living in 3 Muslim governed countries.

The Hornbill

  • Hornbill represents the Orang Ulu (mountain tribes). Revival was poured upon this people in the 70’s and they continue to be the body that carries the legacy.

Chinese Symbol: Unity

  • The Chinese symbol for unity is 3 powers put together under one cross.

  • The role of the Chinese is to support and call forth the destiny of the ethnic tribal people. That they do not steal away their heritage but empower them, pray for them and believe in them.

  • When the roles of every tribe come under submission to the cross of Christ, there is great unity.

  • When there is great unity among these 3 groups, it will release a command of blessing unto the nations of Borneo and beyond.

Bunga Terung Eyes

  • Bunga Terong represents the Sea Dayaks.

  • The Iban tribe being the largest ethnic tribe in Sarawak. They represent the vision for the ethnic tribes.

  • We believe that the coming revival will be sparked through the Iban people. When their  eyes open to the revelation of Christ’s love for them the redemption of the warriors will resurrect.

Tribal Gathering is a yearly event that has been on going for over 20 years since 2002. It began under the umbrella of Persatuan Kelabit, Saban dan Berawan as a “tebupun” (service) to commemorate the October, 1973 Bario Revival.


Targeted specifically for the urban Kelabit, Saban and Berawans who are unable to attend the tebupun/service in Bario (remote village) itself the aim was to bring this minority ethnic tribes together to celebrate what God has done in the past, and to continue the legacy to revival to the next generation.


In 2018, this tebupun (service) was handed over to the next generation Kelabit, Saban and Berawan. With the direction from the Holy Spirit, this tebupun would transition to be called “Tribal Gathering” as the Bario Revival legacy was meant to be inclusive of every tribe and every tongue.

how we started

Past Tribal Gathering themes

Re-digging old wells for a new anointing (Genesis 26:18)


Homecoming (Genesis 32 - 35)


(No gathering during pandemic)


Bario Revival 48th Anniversary (ZOOM)

THEME: Revival is in the Air.


Bario Revival 49th Anniversary

THEME: Defending our Heritage.

(2 Samuel 23:11-12)

Tribal Gathering

THEME: Spread the Ambers







where we are now

“One of the things that happened 40+ years ago was a revival in Sarawak, a part of Malaysia. Called the Bario Revival, it was among the Kelabit people, an indigenous group. A great transformation happened in that village. But, over time, the revival began to lose its flame. They recognize that in Bario.

This year, the Lord sent us back to Bario. In the village, in the old days, when they wanted to light a fire, they would go find an amber (a petrified tree sap). They broke it up to light their fires.

Here’s what the Lord said about that revival in Bario:
 He said that that revival that had started out as a fire has died down to embers and that the Lord was getting ready to release a wind across that altar, to blow those embers across the governmental structure of Sarawak and Malaysia.

When we were in Bario right after Pentecost this year, a representative from the old generation and one from the next generation came up, and we had an amber that was 30 years old. First, the representative of the old generation took my shofar and struck the rock, declaring that that revival generation was finished and over, and that now God was ready to release restoration into the land. Then Hezekiah, representing the next generation, took the shofar and struck the amber, which broke into many different pieces, that they took to the headquarters of the different indigenous groups throughout Malaysia.


One of those is this piece here. When they broke the amber, one of the gentlemen said, “I want you to take that back as a Firstfruit offering to Glory of Zion”. This is the amber that once was whole. It has now been broken and now we use the granules, that came from being broken, to light a fire. And the shofar has the singe marks from the fire on it.”

4th August, 2019 by Allen Faubion

Last year 2023, as we entered into the 50th Jubilee of the Bario Revival we are believing that God would spread the ambers unto every tribe and even unto the nations.

“Spreading the ambers” is a prophetic word that was released over Malaysia by Allen Faubion. (Chuck Pierce’s ministry, Glory of Zion International).

As we entered into the 50th year of the Bario revival, we want to come into agreement with this word – that the ambers that are left from the Bario revival will now spread across this land of Malaysia and beyond.

We also want to believe that this convergence of intergenerational, inter-tribal and international unity will spark a revival across nations and we will see the next generation of revivalists and harvesters rise up in this hour!

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